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About A.R.M.S Consultants & Training Services

Training Methods

We recognise that not everybody is comfortable and productive with the same learning method. We also recognise that it is important to cater for individual learning styles. We therefore use a wide variety of styles to cater for the differnet groups. These methods combined with VAK (visual, audio and kinaesthetic) including role-play, interactive and experiential sessions, is a fundamental part of our teaching philosophy. Our methods are based on teaching styles developed by Kolb, and with references to Dale, Tuckman, Mehrabium, and such like.

Learning Outcomes

We will supply your organisation with a full set of criteria, learning outcomes and assessment criteria, in other words, “how we go from the unknown to the known”. This information is an essential part of our ARMS’s training programme. The focus of this is that employers will have a clearly defined and accountable training programme from the outset.

Our Promise

We recognise the many values that underpin professional practice that are central to effective training. E.g. integrity, morality, impartiality, respect and competence.

Our Promise to you is that we will endeavour to deliver our training by:

  • Working in an anti-discriminatory way.
  • Constructively challenging assumptions and stereotypes during training.
  • Ensuring that participants are safe during training.
  • Developing a good relationship with learners.
  • Supporting learners.
  • Clarifying what “respecting confidentiality” means in practice at the start.
  • Maintaining professional personal boundaries with course participants.

We can offer Ergonomic Team Building/Staff Reward Day appraisals of your work environment and customised or multi-company courses dealing with how to defuse potentially violent and aggressive situations.

We offer training in-house or venue based. Our courses are from half to five days. The criteria covered in our courses are laid out in this web site

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