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Governing Body

ARMS are members of NCRGSA National Control and Restraint General Service Association. Confirmation enclosed.

National Control & Restraint General Services Association
The NCRGSA is multidisciplinary and multi-agency in composition, with General Services tutors from Mental Health, Learning Disability, Child & Adolescent Services (covering health, social services, and mainstream/ special needs education), as well as Community Outreach Services, the independent and commercial sector.

The aim of the Association is to bring together General Services tutors from various professional groups and agencies to:

ARMS Membership Number A005

You can visit their web site for full details.

Public & Professional Liability Insurance

The following details are taken directly from our Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance. If you need a copy of our certificate for your records please contact us and we will send one out by return.

Certificate Number: MOGA011N01
Business Description: Control & Restraint
Insurance Company: AXA Insurance UK plc
Master Policy Number: LS BDX 6149010/LH
Limit of Indemnity: £5,000,000

Towergate Professional Risks SMG House 31 Clarendon Road Leeds LS2 9PA Tel: 0113 294 4000 Fax: 0113 294 4100

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