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Impact Youth Service Ltd

Impact is company that specialises in providing a high level of care in the child care setting.

Working closely with the in house training team a series of courses were formulated. In essence the training was based around two main areas. Firstly, understanding the causes of violence in children and secondly how manage the aggressive episode when it has developed. The second aspect included the teaching if specialised approved physical intervention techniques suitable for children.

Impact were so satisfied with the training we delivered for them that they have written us into their company policy. All their staff have been trained and now attend regular refresher courses.

What Impact have said about ARMS-

ARMS are a truly professional organisation that is working in collaboration with our training staff in order to provide us with on-going training programmes in all our areas of need. The partnership formed has allowed us to achieve all our training needs in a cost effective, accountable manner.”

Training Manger, Impact youth Services.

It is only fair to mention that ARMS are equally grateful and proud of the excellent level of care that Impact Youth services provide. All the staff involved in the provision of care are highly professional, competent and most importantly, very caring, which is reassuring to know. ARMS are very proud to be associated with such an important group of people that provide an invaluable service to an exceptional level. Keep up the excellent work!