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Our Courses

“We at ARMS pride ourselves on being flexible in our approach and build our courses around the needs of your organisation. We frequently work in partnership with the in‑house trainers or managerial staff in order to design and implement courses and qualifications that are perfect for your organisations need.”

How are the courses delivered?

The programmes are varied depending on your needs and can include workshops and in-house activity. Typically, our courses are conducted over a period of half a day to 3 days. However, further modules can be acquired in subsequent sessions in order to obtain a more significant standard of qualification.

Are our courses accredited?

All courses are written to national management standards allowing delegates to progress to accredited qualifications such as NVQs and ILM. It is imperative to point out that our approach leading to the achievement of such qualifications does not involve the enrolment into colleges and the subsequent long term commitment and assessment requirements that you are probably already familiar with.

Attendance Certificates

ARMS provide course participants with certificates of attendance.

Evaluation of the Course

ARMS use a standard comment form. If this does not suit your requirements or if you would prefer to use your own, please contact us. We routinely send copies of participants’ feedback forms to you.

Course Materials

Delegates will be provided with everything they need. They will be given a training pack where they will be able to make notes. They will also be given comprehensive notes and literature on all the subjects we cover on the day. Delegates will then be able to use the material as a reference in the future.

Future Courses

Once you are a client of ARMS, you will be notified of all our Multi-Company courses that are running in your area. This could help you with any new members of staff that needs the relevant training.

Course Venues

In-House Training

In-house training can be a cost effective way of supplying training. It is where you supply the venue and facilities and ARMS supply the trainer and training pack. If you have the relevant teaching aids then this can also reduce the cost, if you haven’t then ARMS can provide projectors, flipcharts etc., All you need is just a room that will sit up to 20 people in a U shaped layout.

ARMS Venues

ARMS can help find the venue for your training. Every effort is made to supply the right venue for the course. We have many excellent venues we can choose from throughout the UK.
All venues have been tried and tested in order to ensure the suitability for our clients.
Please contact us for further details of course venues.