Choosing a course

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At ARMS Training we always aspire to work hand in hand with in-house Trainers to adapt our courses to meet the needs of tou organisation.We incorporate into the course, your policies and procedures that may already be in place, e.g. local and city councils reporting and complaints procedures. We can also offer you specialised angled training for employees who work in a potential high-risk environment.

Multi-Company Training

ARMS can offer organisations multi-company training. These courses run throughout the year in a venue near our base in South Wales. These courses are designed for the employer who can only send a few delegates at one time. We invite organisations that share the same training needs. These one-day courses normally repeat weekly so that employers can give an opportunity to all their staff.

Combination Training

This is for organisations that are able to combine their workforce with a similar organisation, in order to have sufficient participants to run a course. An example of this is where GP’s Practices can get together with other practices in the area, and combine a training day. Organisations can benefit from then having tailor-made training with the cost spread out proportionally between participating companies.

Course Duration

ARMS courses are designed to suit your requirements. Our courses are from half-day to five days. Our one-day course is normally 9am-5pm.