A.R.M.S Consultants & Training Services - Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

A general course cost can be calculated on the basis of £85, per person per day inc VAT, with a minimum number of delegates per booking of 15. However, you may pay as little as £42 per day depending on course duration and location. As such, due to the highly flexible nature of the business prices will fluctuate. In some cases, where prior consultation is required, cost will be negotiable.


You will be invoiced for each delegate or training session after the course. We would normally ask for payment within 28 days. Cheques should be made payable to ARMS. We have also the facility of electronic payment methods. Contact us for the details.

Cancellation Fee (Multi-Company Course)

The reason why we are able to offer this course at such a low price is that we are dependant on having a full requirement of delegates. Therefore, once you have confirmed your booking in writing to us (email is fine), notice of cancellation of a booking will be required by 14 days prior to the course, otherwise, full payment will be requested.

Cancellation Fee (In-House)

When we have confirmed your booking, ARMS will require 28 days notice of cancellation.